How does a Mattress Warranty Work?

how does mattress warranty work
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October 7, 2022

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4.7/5 - (12 votes)

Mattresses are perfect for our sleep and not only help our sleep quality and health in general but offer a great place to relax and chill after a long day of work. But what happens when the mattress doesn’t provide a relaxing night’s sleep? Mattress warranties are often overlooked by many of us, and some people don’t understand what it does – but in today’s blog post, we look at all you need to know about mattress warranties.

What is a mattress warranty?

Like most products you buy from a manufacturer or supplier, a warranty is a manufacturer telling you as the buyer that if their product fails within a specific period, they will often refund or replace the items you’ve bought. More specifically, a mattress warranty is where your mattress manufacturer may offer you a replacement or refund (full or partial), depending on their criteria. For example, Simba mattresses offer a 10-year warranty based on dip (sag) depending on how long you own the mattress and other structural issues with the mattress.

Who provides the mattress warranty?

The mattress you buy and your warranty are all down to the supplier. For example, if you buy from Amazon, a mattress company, such as Silentnight, will offer you a warranty. In most cases, you will get a warranty with most new mattress purchases, but it’s always best to check out the competition and small details about the warranty, including what’s covered, so you know what you’re getting into. You shouldn’t ever need to pay extra fees for a mattress warranty, as most free, default warranty policies are 10 years, if not more.

What’s included in my mattress warranty

Unfortunately, mattress warranties are all different and knowing exactly what your mattress warranty covers and how it operates does need a bit of extra research. Below are some links to all the top mattress manufacturers which have warranties.

As standard, most warranties cover the following items:

  • Split Seems (leading to exposing the internals of the mattress).
  • Broken Handles (leading to difficulty carrying the mattress).
  • Damaged Coils (Spring Mattresses – Exposed or ‘Poking’ springs).
  • Unsmooth Surface (Abnormalities within the surface).
  • Substantial sagging/dip (Dip or sag – the mattress cannot support weight).
  • Other ‘Damages’ (damages caused by a manufacturing error or poor quality).

As mentioned, mattress warranty is different for every brand, but often searching for your brand followed by the keyword of ‘warranty’ will help bring back all the answers you might have about using your mattress warranty.

How can I claim my mattress warranty?

Claiming your mattress’s warranty depends on the supplier you bought it from. For example, Simba, Silentnight and other big-box mattress brands all manage warranty claims through their support team – where you may need to submit a ticket, log a call, or talk to them over live chat or email. Once initial contact has been made, you will likely be asked to provide evidence of some kind, like measurements, pictures or even videos of the mattress, but again – it is genuinely down to the brand you bought the mattress from.

Most big-brand companies, such as the ones mentioned, will be happy to help and don’t mind sending you new mattresses to ensure you’re happy as a customer, so long as you have a valid reason to request a claim on the warranty. Typically, warranty information can be found on your suppliers’ website, including the scope of what’s covered and time frames.

How long does a mattress warranty tend to be

Most mattresses, by default, will have two warranties. One of these will be a 1–3-year manufacturer’s warranty, which covers structural integrity or any defects to the material or product itself. 9/10 times, you will use this claim if you receive your mattress with an immediate defect.

More often than not, however, your supplier will likely combine all of these into one single warranty, lasting between 3-10 years. 3 Years is still a good length for a warranty but usually goes to 5-years or even 10 years for the best brands, giving you a true mattress ‘lifetime’ warranty.

What’s the difference between a warranty and a sleep trial

You may see two values for a warranty or a sleep trial. A sleep trial is entirely different from a warranty, as this period is typically a ‘no-questions-asked’ return window for your mattress, regardless of any problems. These sleep trials are often run by brands that believe in genuine customer services as well as offering the best of the best products and work with you as their customer to ensure you are 100% happy, or they will take their mattress back and refund you regardless of the state (mostly).

A warranty, on the other hand, is typically the period that comes after you purchase the mattress or the sleep trial where, depending on what’s included with your specific brand of mattress, any defects or performance decreases that would be unusual or unexpected a new mattress can be used as a way to get a replacement or a refund.

Why is it important to understand your mattress warranty

Although many of us will never have to claim on our mattress warranty, it’s usually really helpful to know what to expect and how to use it to get new mattresses should you feel your new mattress has not provided the support or comfort you were promised. Understanding what your specific mattress warranty includes, how to claim, and the speed at which a replacement or refund can all benefit you long term. What’s more, if you know what to look out for, such as abnormal sagging, some people may not know that warranty often covers this, allowing you to get a replacement or a refund after so long without it taking a penny from your bank.

My final thoughts

Overall, we hope you never have to use your mattress warranty because a mattress should be of top-notch quality before it even gets to you and should last you at least 10 years, even if you plan on replacing it after 5. We hope this guide has helped you understand more about the warranty of your mattress.

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