Are European Mattresses Bigger Than UK Sizes?

Are European Mattresses Bigger Than UK Sizes
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August 27, 2023

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4.5/5 - (2 votes)

When it comes to selecting the perfect bed and mattress, size matters. In the quest for ultimate comfort, sleepers often question whether European mattresses are bigger than UK sizes. While it can be tempting to jump to conclusions, comparing the dimensions and understanding the differences between these sizing options is essential. European mattress sizes generally tend to be slightly larger than their UK counterparts. This distinction makes corresponding bed frames larger to accommodate the extra mattress space. However, the differences aren’t dramatic and may only matter depending on individual preferences and room dimensions.

For instance, a European single mattress measures 90 x 200cm (approximately 3ft x 6ft 6in), 10cm (3in) longer than the standard UK single size. Similarly, other European mattress sizes, such as double and king size, are slightly larger than their respective UK sizes. Ultimately, it’s essential to consider personal requirements and space constraints when choosing between these two mattress options.

A Brief on UK Mattress Sizes

When choosing a mattress in the UK, there are several sizes to consider. Each dimension caters to requirements like bedroom size, user preference, and bedframe compatibility. Let’s dive into the typical UK mattress sizes, from single to king.

  • Standard UK mattress sizes include the single, small double, double, and king size. The single mattress dimensions are 90 cm x 190 cm, making it an ideal choice for sleeping solo for children, teenagers, and adults. Meanwhile, a small double bed measures 120 cm x 190 cm, providing a compact yet cosy sleeping space for couples or those who prefer more room.
  • A UK double mattress measures 135 cm x 190 cm, offering ample space for couples or solo sleepers who cherish extra room. In contrast, a king-size bed—the most spacious choice of the standard options—measures 150 cm x 200 cm, making it perfect for couples who need extra width to ensure a comfortable sleeping experience.
  • While these sizes are prevalent in the UK, there is some dimension variation when comparing European mattress sizes. For instance, European double mattresses measure 140 cm x 200 cm, providing a slightly larger sleeping area than their UK counterparts. Similarly, European king-size mattresses are 160 cm x 200 cm, offering an extra 10 cm width compared to the UK equivalent.

European Mattress Sizes: An Overview

When it comes to sleeping comfortably, selecting the best mattress is crucial. In Europe, mattresses come in various sizes to cater to different preferences.

  • European mattresses are typically measured in centimetres and are available in various dimensions, ranging from single to king-size. The European single mattress is a popular choice, which measures 90 x 200cm. This size is longer than the standard UK single by 10cm, making it an ideal option for taller individuals who might otherwise experience feet dangling over the bed’s edge [1].
  • Double mattresses in Europe offer different dimensions as well. The European double measures 140 x 200cm, providing an extra 5cm width compared to the UK double mattresses [2]. This could be a significant perk for couples or those who enjoy more sleeping space.
  • Moreover, the European king-size offers ample room for a luxurious sleep experience. Measuring 160 x 200cm, it is larger than the UK king size, ensuring that even the tallest sleepers can stretch out and relax [3].
  • Aside from single, double, and king options, there are other European mattress sizes, such as the Euro small double and the Euro super king. The euro small double bed provides extra width and length compared to its UK equivalent, while the Euro super king is similar to the UK super king [4].

Comparing UK and European Mattress Sizes

When purchasing a new mattress, understanding the differences between UK and European mattress sizes is essential. European mattresses are slightly larger than their UK counterparts, offering extra length and width for a more comfortable sleeping experience.

  • There is a variety of mattress sizes available in both the UK and European markets. One standard size is the single mattress, which measures 90 x 190 cm in the UK and 90 x 200 cm in the EU. The European single mattress’s extra length can be a game changer for taller individuals or those who enjoy more legroom.
  • Double mattresses also exhibit some variation in size. In the UK, a double mattress measures 135 x 190 cm, whereas its European equivalent is 140 x 200 cm. The additional centimetres offered by European double mattresses can significantly benefit couples sharing a bed or individuals who prefer more space.
  • Finally, let’s consider king-size mattresses. In the UK, king-size mattresses measure 150 x 200 cm. In comparison, the dimensions of a European king-size mattress are 160 x 200 cm. This added width in the European king-size mattress offers considerably more spacious sleep, especially for those sharing a bed with a partner.

Understanding Single, Double and King-sized Mattresses

This section will explore single, double, and king-sized mattresses, including their dimensions and comparisons between UK and European sizes.

  • A standard single mattress in the UK measures 90cm x 190cm, providing enough space for one person to sleep comfortably. However, there is also a European single option, which measures 90cm x 200cm. The extra 10cm in length can be helpful for taller individuals who find their feet dangling over the edge of a standard single bed.
  • Moving on to double mattresses, the standard UK double size is 135cm x 190cm, typically catering to two people. This size can be handy if you have a smaller bedroom or occasionally a guest stays over. However, a European double can be considered for those with more space or who prefer a wider bed, which measures 140cm x 200cm. The additional 5cm in width and 10cm in length can significantly affect couples’ comfort.
  • Lastly, there is the luxurious king-sized mattress. In the UK, the king mattress measures 150cm x 200cm, providing a generous amount of sleeping space for those who like to sprawl out or share the bed with a partner. However, if you need even more space, the European king-sized option might serve you better. It measures 160cm x 200cm, offering another 10cm in width compared to the standard UK king size.

In summary, the size guide for various mattress options is as follows:

  • UK Single: 90cm x 190cm
  • European Single: 90cm x 200cm
  • UK Double: 135cm x 190cm
  • European Double: 140cm x 200cm
  • UK King: 150cm x 200cm
  • European King: 160cm x 200cm

Super King Size: Comparing Between UK and European Sizes

Super king-size beds are among the largest and most popular, providing ample space and comfort for couples. Comparing UK and European super king-size mattresses can be tricky, as slight differences in dimensions and terminology exist. In the UK, a super king mattress measures 180cm wide and 200cm long (6ft wide by 6ft 6). This size is perfect for families who like to squeeze in for breakfast in bed or those who value a lot of space while sleeping. UK super king mattresses, such as memory foam and pocket springs, come in various types.

On the other hand, a European grand king mattress, which is the equivalent of the UK super king, also offers a spacious sleeping area. European single, double, and king-size mattresses are usually about 10cm longer than their UK counterparts. In addition, European double mattresses have an extra 5cm in width. When shopping for a super king bed, it’s essential to consider the room’s dimensions and the bed frame. Euro king-size beds, for instance, will fit more comfortably in a spacious room, providing that extra bit of luxury.

Small Bed and Mattress Sizes: UK and European Comparison

In this section, we compare and contrast popular small bed and mattress sizes in the UK and Europe, including a small single, small double bed, European single, and European double. A standard UK small single mattress measures 75 x 190 cm, while a European single mattress is slightly longer at 90 x 200 cm. This small difference makes the European single a more comfortable option for taller individuals, as it provides them with extra legroom.

For those seeking a bigger model, the UK small double bed, also known as a queen-size bed, has a mattress size of 120 x 190 cm. On the other hand, the European double bed measures 140 x 200 cm. Although both options are designed to accommodate two people comfortably, the European double provides a slightly wider and longer sleeping space. Buyers should also consider bed frame sizes in their comparisons. A UK single bed and mattress typically have a bed frame size of 90 x 190 cm, while a UK small double bed and mattress boast a frame size of 120 x 190 cm. As for European beds, the European single bed sports a frame size of 90 x 200 cm, and the European small double bed features a frame size of 140 x 200 cm.

European mattress sizes tend to be larger than their UK counterparts, with a difference in width and length. These variations in dimensions should be considered when purchasing a bed or mattress to ensure maximum comfort and fit for your bedroom space.

Mattress Sizes Specific to Ikea

Ikea is a popular retailer known for selling furniture, including mattresses, in various sizes. This international company offers both UK and EU mattress sizes in their range, and customers need to understand the differences between them to make an informed choice.

The dimensions are the fundamental difference between the European and UK mattress sizes. European mattress sizes are generally longer than UK sizes. For instance, a European single mattress measures 90 x 200 cm (approximately 3ft x 6ft 6in), making it 10 cm (3 in) longer than a standard UK single. European double mattresses also provide an extra 5 cm width compared to their UK counterparts. Ikea’s mattress selection caters to both markets, offering European mattress sizes and standard UK sizes. This benefits customers who prefer European mattresses’ extra length and space.

Furthermore, Ikea has a comprehensive mattress size guide on its website, which assists customers in understanding the dimensions and fits of various mattresses and bed frames. Customers must pay attention to the sizes when shopping at Ikea, as purchasing the wrong size mattress may lead to improper fit and discomfort. The compatibility between the bed frame and the mattress is also essential, as European mattresses will naturally fit better on Ikea’s EU-sized bed frames.

In conclusion, Ikea offers a diverse range of UK and European mattress sizes, with European mattresses generally longer than their UK equivalents. Customers need to understand these differences and choose the right mattress size to ensure a comfortable sleeping space and proper fit with their bed frames.

Choosing the Right Size: Factors to Consider

When selecting the best mattress and bed frame for your bedroom, there are several factors to consider. First and foremost, you need to consider the space in your bedroom. Measuring the room and evaluating your other furniture pieces is essential, ensuring that your new bed and mattress won’t overcrowd the area. A larger bed may provide more comfort, but it may not be the best choice if it dominates the room and leaves little space for movement or storage.

  • Next, consider the bed frame and mattress size and how they relate. Often, UK bed frames are designed to fit UK mattress sizes precisely. If you opt for a European mattress, you may find it doesn’t sit quite right on a UK bed frame. European mattresses are typically bigger than their UK counterparts, with EU single mattresses measuring 90 x 200cm and EU double mattresses measuring 140 x 200cm.
  • Of course, comfort is critical when thinking about your bed and mattress choice. Everyone has different preferences for the firmness and type of mattress, so be sure to test various options to find the one that suits you best. Handmade or adjustable mattresses and beds can provide higher luxury and comfort, customised to your needs. A divan bed base may offer additional features like storage space, making your bedroom stylish and functional.
  • Sleep quality should be a priority when choosing your bed and mattress. You may find spending a little more on a mattress offering maximum support and comfort can be worthwhile. Quality sleep contributes to overall well-being and can drastically improve your daily life.

Lastly, it’s important to remember that your bed and mattress will be used for many years. Remember that it’s not just about the size but also the quality of the materials and construction. Choosing a bed and mattress perfect for your space, personal preferences, and sleep habits will significantly affect your overall quality of life. So, explore the bed and mattress size guide and find the ideal match for your bedroom!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Euro double beds larger than UK doubles?

Yes, Euro double beds are slightly larger than UK doubles. European double-sized mattresses measure 140cm x 200cm (55″ x 79″), whereas standard double-sized mattresses in the UK and Ireland measure 135cm x 190cm (53″ x 75″) 1. The extra width and length of European doubles can provide more space and comfort for those who require it.

How do EU king beds compare to UK kings?

EU king beds are similar in size to UK king beds but with a slightly different dimension. European king-sized mattresses measure 160cm x 200cm (63″ x 79″), while UK king-sized mattresses measure 150cm x 200cm (59″ x 79″) 1. The European king beds are slightly wider, providing an additional 10cm of space for sleepers.

Where can I find European-sized mattresses?

European-sized mattresses can be found at various retailers, both online and in-store. One popular choice for finding European-sized mattresses is IKEA, as they offer a range of sizes, including European single, double, and king 2. Be sure to check the specific dimensions of the mattress before purchasing to ensure it fits your bed frame and bedding.

What’s the difference between EU and UK queen beds?

In the UK, the term “queen-size” is not commonly used; instead, a “small double” or “queen-size” bed in the US is slightly larger than a UK king-size mattress. A US queen-size mattress measures 152cm x 203cm (60″ x 80″), while a UK king-size mattress measures 150cm x 200cm (59″ x 79″) 3. European mattress sizes do not typically use the term “queen bed.”

How do Euro double dimensions compare to UK queen?

As mentioned, “queen bed” isn’t widely used in the UK or Europe. However, when comparing the dimensions of a European double bed (140cm x 200cm) to a UK king-size bed (150cm x 200cm), the UK king is wider by 10cm 1. While the European double is only 5cm narrower than a UK king, it’s essential to choose the appropriate size based on your bed frame and comfort preferences.

Do IKEA mattresses follow European sizing?

IKEA UK still uses non-standard mattress sizes, including European single, double, and king 2. This means that IKEA mattresses follow European sizing dimensions, which may make it more challenging to find compatible bed frames and bedding. Double-check the dimensions of your chosen mattress and bed frame to ensure a proper fit.

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