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Are you associated with any mattress company or supplier?

No, we are a group of reviewers and content writers which are specialized in sleep-related products. Our experience spans deliveries, buying, sales and product testing.

Do you receive free mattresses in exchange for positive reviews?

No, we don’t receive any free products, full stop.

How do you make money from this site?

This site is reader supported; we may make money from qualifying links. If you click a link from our site to the seller’s site, we may make a small commission. This won’t affect the buying price in any way.

Can you tell me when my mattress will be delivered?

No, please refer to the estimated delivery times on the product page.

Is there an adjustment period for my new mattress?

While the time needed to adjust varies depending on the materials used in the mattress, most sleep experts agree that 30 days should be enough time for your body to adjust to the mattress.