Eve Sleep Original Memory Foam Mattress Review: UK’s Top Choice?

Eve Sleep Original Memory Foam Mattress Review: UK's Top Choice?
4.5/5 - (6 votes)

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Published Paul M ⋅ Review Editor
November 1, 2023

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4.5/5 - (6 votes)

After trying out the Eve Sleep Original Memory Foam Mattress ourselves, we found it to be an excellent choice for those searching for a comfortable, supportive sleeping surface. This mattress provides cloud-like comfort and ample support, making it ideal for various sleeping positions. The three-layer foam design ensures you’ll experience the perfect balance of pressure relief and spinal support while keeping motion transfer minimal. No more interruptions from your partner’s movements during the night!

Additionally, the mattress is 30 times more breathable than its competitors so you can bid farewell to overheating. As a bonus, the Eve Sleep Original Memory Foam Mattress offers a 100-night free trial, giving you ample time to decide whether it’s the perfect fit for you. And with a 10-year warranty and UK-based manufacturing, you can trust the quality and support. People who have purchased this mattress generally have positive feedback, although some had to replace the mattress a couple of times before getting a satisfactory product. Considering all aspects, the mattress offers good value and comfort—worth considering for your next purchase. Find out more details about the Eve Mattress here!

Three-Layer Foam For Outstanding Comfort

Our experience with the Eve Sleep Original Memory Foam Mattress has been nothing short of cloud-like comfort. The three-layer foam construction is the main star in delivering such an excellent level of support for our bodies. It ensures that sleep is rejuvenating, regardless of the position we prefer to sleep in. The mattress cleverly combines softness with that needed extra support, thanks to the distinct layering system. It helps relieve pressure while we sleep, allowing us to recharge our batteries and wake refreshed.

A significant problem with other memory foam mattresses is overheating and motion transfer, but this mattress solves those issues, too! The Eve Sleep Original Memory Foam Mattress offers outstanding comfort through its three-layer foam design, catering to all sleep positions while preventing overheating and motion transfer. Its exceptional quality, backed by a 10-year warranty and a 100-night free trial, speaks volumes about its reliability and customer satisfaction.

eve three layers
Photo: Eve

No More Overheating Or Discomfort At Night

This mattress has a three-layer foam system that provides a medium-firm feel, offering great support for all sleeping positions and ensuring restful and rejuvenating sleep. This model is brilliantly designed to prevent overheating since it is 30 times more breathable than other models. You’ll stay cool and cosy throughout the night without any discomfort. Another significant plus point worth mentioning is the motion isolation feature. If you sleep with a partner who moves a lot at night, rest assured that your sleep won’t be affected, as the mattress does a brilliant job of isolating any motion.

Excellent For All Types Of Sleepers

We found the Eve Sleep Original Memory Foam Mattress to be excellent for all types of sleepers, providing both comfort and support for every inch of your body. It has a medium-firm feel, ensuring that your lower back and spine are adequately supported, allowing you to sleep peacefully in any position. This makes it an excellent choice for everyone, from restless sleepers to those who prefer a specific sleeping position.

Moreover, the three-layer foam system in the mattress relieves pressure, alleviating any aches and pains. One standout feature is its breathability – it’s 30 times more breathable than traditional mattresses, ensuring you won’t overheat during the night. Additionally, the mattress is adept at isolating motion, so you won’t be disturbed if your partner moves during the night.

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Pros And Cons


  • We appreciate the Eve Sleep Original Memory Foam Mattress for its next-generation memory foam technology, which provides cloud-like comfort while supporting every inch of our body. The three-layer foam system relieves pressure points during sleep, ensuring a more comfortable and restorative rest.
  • This mattress also excels at temperature regulation and motion isolation. It’s reported to be 30 times more breathable than traditional memory foam, so there’s no issue of overheating throughout the night. As for motion transfer, even if your partner moves during sleep, you can enjoy an undisturbed rest.
  • Additionally, we find this mattress ideal for all types of sleepers. It has a medium-firm feel, which offers lower back and spinal support regardless of your preferred sleep position. Moreover, it’s a UK-made product that boasts quality craftsmanship and materials.
  • Finally, we appreciate the convenience of the 100-night free trial, complete with a 10-year warranty, and the ease of home delivery. The mattress arrives vacuum-packed in a compact box for a simple setup.


  • The mattress might be too heavy for some people to carry up the stairs or manoeuvre easily. You may need to enlist the help of a strong neighbour or friend to help move it.
  • Also, based on customer feedback, there may be some inconsistency in product quality. Some buyers experienced deformation or softness issues. It’s important to remember that Eve Sleep does offer a return or exchange policy during the trial period if you encounter any such problems.
  • The Eve Sleep Original Memory Foam Mattress has numerous benefits and a few downsides. We recommend trying this mattress for yourself during the trial period to see if it fits your comfort and support needs.

What Do Others Think About It?

Upon using the Eve Sleep Original Memory Foam Mattress, we found that customers generally have positive experiences with it. They appreciate its comfortable and supportive design, which has been helpful for those with back issues. Some users were pleased with the mattress’ breathability, making for a better sleeping environment. However, there were a few reports of initial difficulties, like slight deformations in some mattresses and one instance of the mattress feeling too soft. Fortunately, it seems that replacement options were available to resolve such issues.

Regarding delivery, some customers experienced longer-than-expected wait times, but the consensus was that the setup process was straightforward. Helpful neighbours might be needed due to the mattress’s weight being challenging for some individuals. Many customers have been satisfied with their purchase, especially those who got the mattress during the Black Friday sale. It’s noteworthy that Eve Sleep’s Original Memory Foam Mattress earned a Which? Best Buy 2018 award – a bonus that speaks to the quality of the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Eve mattress compare to Emma?

When it comes to comparing the Eve Original mattress with Emma, both offer a combination of support and pressure relief suitable for a variety of sleep positions. While the Eve mattress features a three-layer foam system with a next-generation memory foam top layer, Emma utilises a combination of memory foam and hybrid layers. Regarding comfort, both mattresses have a medium-firm feel, but some sleepers might find the Eve mattress slightly firmer. Ultimately, personal preference is crucial in choosing between these two quality mattresses.

What are the differences between Eve and Simba mattresses?

Though the Eve Original and Simba mattresses offer support and comfort, their construction differs. While the Eve mattress uses a three-layer foam design, the Simba mattress incorporates a hybrid system with foam layers and pocket springs. This combination provides additional support, especially for heavier individuals or those who require extra spinal alignment. The Eve mattress might be a better choice for people who prefer an all-foam construction with a medium-firm feel, while the Simba mattress is suitable for those seeking a more responsive hybrid design.

Is the Eve Original mattress suitable for side sleepers?

Yes, the Eve Original mattress accommodates side sleepers well. Its medium-firm feel, and three-layer foam system ensure that the mattress conforms to the body’s contours, providing adequate pressure relief to the shoulders and hips, which is essential for side sleepers. The Eve mattress supports spinal alignment, ensuring a comfortable and rejuvenating night’s sleep.

How long can I expect my Eve mattress to last?

With proper care, you can expect the Eve Original mattress to last around 8-10 years. The robust construction, reliable materials, and London-based design contribute to its longevity. To further confirm its durability, Eve Sleep offers a 10-year warranty on its mattresses, giving you peace of mind and assurance that it is a sound investment.

Are Eve mattresses too firm for some people?

The Eve Original mattress has a medium-firm feel, making it suitable for most sleepers. However, individual preferences vary, and some people might find the mattress too firm, especially if they usually prefer a softer sleeping surface. Nevertheless, the mattress is designed to relieve pressure and provide sufficient support for various sleep positions, making it a versatile choice. Remember, you can test the mattress at home during its 100-night free trial to ensure it meets your comfort preferences before fully committing to your purchase.

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