How to Stay Warm Whilst Sleeping at Night

How to stay Warm Whilst Sleeping at Night?
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October 1, 2022

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4.5/5 - (4 votes)

Have you ever gotten into bed as usual but felt cold? Your bed and bedroom should be an ideal place to keep warm with nice duvets wrapped up in a bundle of warmth, but if you’re feeling cold – this can often be a problem when trying to sleep. In today’s blog article, we look at how you can stay warm whilst sleeping at night, regardless of the temperature.

How to Stay Warm Whilst Sleeping at Night

Staying warm when trying to sleep can be pretty easy with the right equipment and preparing yourself to stay warm when sleeping. Below is a list of a few things you can do to prepare for a warm night’s sleep.

  1. Drinking Something Warm Before Your Sleep – When cold or in the rain outside, you may grab a hot drink, like coffee, tea, or even a hot chocolate. These drinks can increase your body temperature, and drinking one before sleep can help keep your body temperature up, which should help you sleep better. Why not combine this with some sleep-promoting drink options like Horlicks or a hot chocolate that should make you feel a little sleepy for a great night’s sleep?
  2. Wear Socks and Layer Up  – A scientific study identifying what happens to our bodies during sleep and heat dissipation showed that much of our body heat is emitted through our feet, hands, and head. Although wearing a hat and gloves in bed might not be the most beneficial, wearing socks – especially insulating socks could be a great way to keep the heat in your body and hopefully lead to a warm sleep. Wear baggy or fluffy clothing that will help you stay warm until you get to sleep. Not only socks but wearing pyjamas, t-shirts or more than usual would be an easier way to keep warm too. Remember, never wear anything that is too tight or is otherwise non-breathable (like most jeans), as this can restrict blood flow and cause more issues than it fixes.
  3. Use a Hot Water Bottle – or Electric Blanket – Developed in 1903 as a PVC/rubber puck, a hot water bottle was used mainly for medical use and keeping warm. Using a hot water bottle when you sleep on those key areas, such as your back, stomach, or feet, can lead to a nice warm sleep regardless of the outside conditions. With modern technology, however, you don’t need a hot water bottle – but rather an electric blanket. Never use a hot water bottle simultaneously, but these electric blankets can keep you at a pleasant temperature all night and won’t take up too much electricity. We’ve reviewed the best electric blankets on Amazon that won’t cost you too much money but will improve your sleep quality, regardless of the temperature.
  4. Exercise before you SleepExercise is a great way to improve your sleep and keep your body fit and healthy, but it can also be a great way to get warm. We’re not talking about running a marathon before you sleep, but doing 5-10 minutes of light stretching or even yoga to work up your heart rate a little before you sleep will not only help your sleep health – but will hopefully keep you warm throughout the period you’ll try to sleep through.
  5. Take a Warm Bath or ShowerTaking a warm bath or shower and soaking your body right before you sleep will help raise your body’s temperature to the core and open your skin to give you a very comfortable and warm night’s sleep. You could also use products like Radox or other Lavendar-enthused products that are known to help keep you smelling fresh, feeling clean, and helping you sleep regardless of whether you’re hot or cold!
  6. Get Insulating DuvetsDepending on your sleep setup, you may have a duvet or sheets helping you stay cool rather than keeping you warm. Going to the shops and looking around for a breathable yet insulating duvet can make a difference when sleeping. Not only this but getting sheets to go over your duvet that offer both comfort and warmth will also help you achieve a warm but relaxing sleep. On another note, insulate your room! Making sure windows are closed, any breezes or drafts are prevented and wrapping yourself up in your duvet will keep you nice and warm before sleeping – plus, it’s suitable for the electricity bill!

Why am I cold when I sleep

If you’re cold before you even get into bed, this won’t help you stay warm, but it is a natural sleep process. When it gets dark, your body starts to realize you’re going to sleep. This will prompt your body to drop 1-3 degrees in temperature – which is linked to your circadian rhythm.

What if I’m still Cold when Sleeping

If you’re naturally cold when sleeping and you’ve tried everything on our list and others, you may have an underlying condition. In most cases, this will never be anything of concern but rather just your body not keeping warm when it should be. Speak to your GP or doctor. They may give you a few recommendations if you explain your situation or prescribe medication to help you keep your body temperature up regardless of where you are – or you may need to purchase something to help keep your body warm whilst sleeping.

Finding the perfect temperature when sleeping can be challenging, and there is no right or wrong temperature. When sleeping in a cold environment, you may wake up often or feel tired, but hopefully, with the tips and tricks in this blog post, you can wake up feeling great and warm and too hot when sleeping. Check out our guide on how you can keep cool when sleeping.

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