Is It Better to Sleep on A Firm or Soft Mattress?

Is It Better to Sleep on A Firm or Soft Mattress?
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June 7, 2021

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4.6/5 - (27 votes)

The question of how to get a good night’s sleep is as old as time. Some people swear by firm mattresses, while others prefer softer ones.

But what’s the difference? – Firm mattresses are better for your back because they provide more support than soft mattresses. On the other hand, people who like soft beds say that hard surfaces can lead to pain in their joints and muscles over time.

So should you go with a firm mattress or a softer one? – Interestingly, each mattress has a firmness level that determines if it suits different bodies and those with particular sleeping styles. This article will help you decide the best firmness level for your body and sleep position.

What is Mattress Firmness

The mattress firmness level runs from 1 to 10 and covers the 3-typical mattress firmness levels: soft, medium, and firm.

How Is the Firmness Scale Rated:

A comfortable bed contributes to the quality of your sleep and can make you feel more rested in the morning. Ideally, you want a mattress that provides adequate comfort without feeling too soft or hard. Let’s investigate the advantages of both soft and hard mattresses.

mattress firmness levels

Advantages of Soft Mattresses

Sleeping on a soft mattress is not just comfortable. It has many other benefits that you may not have considered. The softer, the better, for some, at least! Some of these advantages are:

  1. A Soft Mattress Gives your Body that “Sink in Feeling” – Imagine how much more refreshed you would feel if you slept soundly every night. Many people sleep better and feel more rested on a softer mattress, particularly those who sleep on their side. This is because the softer mattress offers more pressure relief and will ensure that side sleepers don’t feel heavy pressure on their shoulders and hips
  2. It Has Many Health Benefits, including lower back pain relief and improved night breathing.
  3. Sleeping On a Soft Mattress Can Help Improve Blood Circulation – This can increase energy levels during daytime hours. Soft mattresses are made with latex or memory foam materials that provide extra comfort for your body while you sleep. This leads to deeper REM sleep. There’s nothing as good as waking up feeling refreshed from a deep REM cycle!

Disadvantages Of Soft Mattresses

  1. It can be uncomfortable for two people to sleep because the heavier partner may sink in, making the sleeping surface unbalanced.
  2. Softer mattresses are not as long-lasting as firm mattresses – Though this is common, few brands have better durability than most.

Advantages of Firm Mattresses

A firm mattress would be an excellent investment for your health and well-being. Here are several advantages of sleeping on a firm mattress

  1. It reduces the Risk of Back PainAdditionally, sleeping on a firm mattress can help prevent other aches and pains from developing and relieve those who already have pain.
  2. It Reduces Tossing and Turning – When you sleep on a softer bed, there’s less resistance, so you’ll roll around more often throughout the night. This can lead to fatigue during the day.
  3. It Promotes Better Circulation – With a firmer surface under your body, your blood flow will be uninterrupted, making you less likely to experience soreness or pain due to lack of blood flow.

Disadvantages Of a Firm Mattress

  1. It Can Be Very Uncomfortable to Sleep – The hardness of a firm mattress can be very uncomfortable for you, especially if you switch from a soft mattress.
  2. It Can Cause Pain – It may make sleeping painful for those with specific back pains such as arthritis and scoliosis.

How To Choose What’s Right for You

This an excellent way to choose a mattress firmness level based on your preferred sleeping style. Here’s what we mean.

  1. Side Sleepers – Soft mattresses offer better pressure relief and ensure that side sleepers don’t feel heavy pressure on their shoulders or hips, depending on weight. Side sleepers typically have the most success with a soft mattress. For those of less than 130 pounds: try ‘Soft’ (2). For more than 150-200 lbs., go to ‘Firm’ (7).
  2. Stomach sleepers should consider a medium to firm mattress 5-7 on the firmness scale. The stomach sleeper needs a supportive enough base so their hips don’t sink into it but are not too hard or stiff as if they have been in bed all day and are suffering from back pain. A stomach sleeper’s spine also needs support for its natural alignment to stay intact, which can be achieved with an appropriately soft yet sturdy surface.
  1. Back sleepers need the most support out of all sleeping positions. This is why medium to firm mattresses are ideal – they provide the alignment and comfort of your back needs. While soft or plushy beds may seem like a good idea for those who sleep on their backs, these kinds of sleep will not do anything but cause pain upon waking up! Firmness helps keep your spine aligned without causing pressure points, leading to aches and pains throughout various body parts when one wakes up from using them during slumber time.

The best mattress level for back sleepers is usually medium-firm, 5-7 on the firmness scale. A good mattress is your body’s best friend. Your rest is best when your spine is in its slight natural curve as you rest, and the head of your bed should feel like a cloud above you, floating all night long. A well-chosen mattress can also help relieve muscle tension from working or relaxing too much during the day – it may even improve posture over time. Spend time choosing the feel of the mattress until you are happy.

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