What is a Natural Mattress?

What is a Natural Mattress
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October 23, 2022

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4.6/5 - (14 votes)

If you care about the environment or are tired of the same-old mattresses causing your allergies, then an all-natural mattress could be a great way to improve your sleep and health. In today’s article, we’ll look at all things natural and why you should look into natural mattresses if you’re in the market for a sustainable mattress.

What is a Natural Mattress

A natural mattress works and functions like your typical mattress, but instead of synthetic fibres, the inside is filled with raw materials such as wool, cotton, and bamboo. Whilst other materials are used – these are the most common fillings and provide you with just as much comfort as another mattress using synthetic materials.

What is in Natural Mattresses

Mattress manufacturers often use many materials that can find their way into your mattress. These include, but are not limited to;

  • Bamboo (Natural Wood)
  • Latex (Natural Latex from tree Sap – not human-made Latex)
  • Silk (Silkworm based Silk)
  • Wool
  • Cotton
  • Cashmere (Cashmere Goat Hair – softer than average Wools)
  • Mohair (Typically Goat Hair with Durable Natural Fabrics)

Whilst these are some of the most common fillings, you may get a mixture of materials to better the comfort of your sleep and the longevity of your mattress. When you buy a mattress, it should have exactly what it is filled with. This is because of allergies and being transparent with what you’re sleeping on.

What are the benefits of a Natural Mattress?

Using a natural mattress does not immediately show you any benefits, but many benefits are around how the mattress has been created and how it can help you and your health. Below are some expected benefits you’ll notice when using a natural mattress.

  1. Chemical-Free Materials – A natural mattress is created and stuffed with natural materials such as bamboo, wool, or cotton – they are never processed – or at least not with chemicals. Some of these chemicals are dangerous when burnt or exposed to the skin and can also lead to bad smells occurring in the later years of the mattress. Using chemical-free materials such as these can prevent all of these and keep your mattress smelling fresher for longer.
  2. High-Quality, Sustainable Materials  – Similar to the above, not only are they chemical-free materials used in natural mattresses, but they’re also sustainable. Most materials need some kind and often a lot of processing, such as memory foam and human-made Latex, which can take time and money to create – plus, it’s not so good for the environment. Using sustainable but high-quality materials means helping the environment long-term and getting the same support and comfort as any other mattress.
  3.  Affordable  – It’s not uncommon to find natural mattresses more affordable than other mattresses. This is because, as we’ve mentioned, the processing behind some mattresses is quite severe, with weeks and months going into producing some mattresses. In contrast, some processing is needed – often not as much, and the materials are raw. This contributes to the overall price and can often be on par, if not cheaper, than other mattress types.
  4. Long-Lasting  – Like other mattresses, a natural mattress can last several years – and won’t need to be replaced until about 8-10 years, but this could probably be extended for longer. You can learn more about replacing your mattress and how long you should leave it until you begin buying.
  5. Can Help with Allergies  – With the mattress being made from natural materials – there’s a good chance that if you were allergic to anything within other mattress materials (such as silicon, chemicals found within mattresses, or some metals) – then an all-natural mattress could benefit you. It will provide a loving, supportive, and comfortable frame and keep you from being overridden with allergies.
What is a Natural Mattress and its benefits
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What are the best Natural Mattresses?

Many brands now focus on making environmentally friendly mattresses that provide top-notch comfort. Here are just some of the best natural mattresses we know of. Check our other article about the best natural mattresses because we update this regularly.

  • Milam Natural Premium Latex Mattress – The Milam natural, premium latex mattress is quite a high-end but affordable completely natural mattress certified by organic Latex from GOLS. This mattress contains premium 100% natural latex and a soft and firm side. Topped off with natural wool for comfort, this natural mattress is an excellent choice for you.
Milam Natural Premium Latex Mattress
Photo: Milam
  • Una Organic Mattress – The Una Organic mattress is much more than an au-Naturale mattress. Featuring 7-zones of comfort, there is not one synthetic material in sight. Not to mention that this mattress has an adjustable firmness that allows you and anyone you share the bed with to sleep comfortably at their firmness. This mattress doesn’t only wow on this front, but the overall comfort and design are superb.
Una Organic Double Mattress with Adjustable Firmness
Photo: Una
  • Novo Natural 3000 Sprung Mattress – The Nova Natural 3000 is a spring-based mattress that does use springs. However, it is filled with organic wool, cotton, and Silk to create a perfect night’s sleep. It is breathable but sturdy to promote a good sleep posture, not to mention the lush pillow topping that makes the Novo Natural 3000 even more comfortable.
Novo Natural 3000 Pocket Sprung Pillow Top Mattress
Photo: Novo

We think that natural mattresses will become a much more sought-after mattress. However, as the market is still looking for comfort and support – natural mattresses are still being fine-tuned to get a perfect balance whilst keeping things fully organic.

Overall, natural mattresses are becoming more common as they provide top-notch support to your body whilst keeping you warm and comfortable no matter what position you sleep in. Thanks to modern technology and constant environmental improvements, investing in a natural mattress is environmentally friendly, and on par with other mattress types you may want to buy!

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