Why are Mattresses Expensive and why you Should Invest in your Sleep?

Why are Mattresses Expensive and why you Should Invest in your Sleep
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October 6, 2022

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4.5/5 - (21 votes)

We all love our mattresses, or at least you should. Sleeping is crucial to our life and sleep, but sometimes getting the best quality and the latest technology can come at quite a hefty price. Not all high-quality mattresses are super expensive, but in today’s blog, we look at why these mattresses are expensive and why you should invest in your sleep.

Why are Mattresses Expensive

You may pick up many factors as to why mattresses are pretty expensive. These factors are justified quite well, but let’s look at some of them in more detail.

1. Material Choice and Quality – All mattresses are somewhat different, and depending on your material choices and Quality – you could be paying much more than expected. Materials such as cotton and wool with inner springs may not be as comfortable as top-tier mattresses but are much more affordable. Quality-wise, it will still provide you with a great night’s sleep. A mattress like a Simba mattress utilizes the best modern technologies that provide excellent quality sleep and a long-lasting mattress. This revolutionary mattress technology is very different from your traditional pocket-spring mattress. This is why a mattress like this may cost you upwards of 4-figures, but you will rest knowing you’re in the best hands. Mattresses like Happy Beds or even Silentnight offer affordable yet high-quality products with pocket-spring and memory foam options. You can learn more about the above and see what the best from each brand is for you.

2. Size – The more material you use, the bigger the item, and the more money will come from your wallet. The size usually doesn’t make a vast difference, but the more expensive your mattress, the bigger the differences become. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to lower this price when buying a mattress for your bed frame.

3. Brand – Back-tracking to the early 2000s, you probably would’ve found 10 brands on the high street for good quality mattresses. Fast forward to 2022, and there are tens of brands you won’t find on the high streets, offering the best of modern science and technology and providing you with a perfect night’s sleep. Another part of the brand that usually impacts the mattress’s overall cost is the manufacturer’s region. Most manufacturers of mattresses are local to the country they’re selling in – Silentnight, for example, sells and manufactures mattresses in the UK. Compared to countries such as China, the cost of manufacturing and production would be much higher, contributing to the mattress’s Quality and overall pricing.

4. Type of Mattress – There are many types of mattresses that you can buy, and this often contributes to the price of your mattress overall. The most affordable mattress types are typically the basic inner-spring mattresses; however, memory foam, silicon, and hybrid mattresses can climb much higher.

5. Shipping Options – As much as you might not think about it, shipping options can cost you. If it’s not charged at checkout as a separate cost, there’s a good chance it’ll be part of the mattress cost. If your mattress is boxed or shipped as a full mattress, then this can cost anywhere from £35 to £100, depending on the size. However, it does look much nicer to include in the product cost and may even look more affordable than other options, but keep this in mind when buying your next mattress, primarily online.

What’s the difference between a cheap and an expensive mattress

Quality, mostly. As expected, much of it comes down to the mattress quality you get. The cheapest mattresses will still provide you with a great deal of comfort and support – however, the service you receive and the product quality might not be on par with the best.

The difference at the core is not massive – both an expensive and affordable mattress will provide you with comfort and support; however, the more expensive mattresses that you buy will likely have more features and aspects that justify the price – such as Quality, material cost, warranty and delivery options, and brand.

Why should I invest in my sleep with a great mattress

We spend a third of our lives in our beds, with most of it sleeping. With so much time spent in our beds, we should look after ourselves and invest a little in something we use daily. A mattress doesn’t have to be expensive, but you shouldn’t feel guilty about spending a little on it. There are many reasons why you should consider this investment, which include the following;

  • It can improve your Sleeping Quality
  • Getting a new mattress will not only improve your mood but will improve your sleep quality. A better mattress doesn’t only provide you with many health benefits, but your sleep will thank you for better comfort, bodily support, and better sleep overall.
  • It will improve your Health
  • Not only will your sleep improve, but a new mattress will likely help fix many spine and joint issues. If you suffer from long-term spinal or back problems – specific types of mattresses can help with this, like orthopaedic options.
  • Will likely get a Great Warranty
  • When you buy a new mattress, you’ll often get a pretty lovely warranty, which you won’t get with the cheaper options, or not as long. Customer service could be included too with new, valuable mattresses.

For our closing notes, we hope you find bliss when purchasing a new mattress and don’t feel guilty for spending a bit on it! They are a little expensive but know it’s a long-term investment for excellent sleep quality and comfort.

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