How do you dispose of a Mattress?

How do you dispose of a Mattress?
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October 7, 2022

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4.5/5 - (17 votes)

Some items in or around our homes seem too big, too challenging to move, and, quite frankly, shouldn’t be disposed of. Our mattress fits that bill pretty well, and disposing of them isn’t always straightforward. In today’s article, we will look at how you can dispose of them for free or donate them. Let’s jump straight into it.

How do you Dispose of a Mattress?

You can get rid of a mattress in several ways – some are responsible, and some are not.

1. Have the Mattress Collected by 3rd Party or with the Replacement

Often, if you order your mattress online, you could have it collected by the same company or book to have it taken away by a third party. Mattress companies such as Simba Sleep offer mattress collections for a small fee and use the materials to put back into mattresses like yours. For the price of £40, Simba will not only deliver your new mattress (should you order through them), but they can also remove your old mattress, no matter the size, brand, or state it’s in. Simba is not the only provider who does this – you will often find many branded mattress companies offering a similar service.

You can also collect the mattress from third parties that do not sell mattresses, such as AnyJunk or CollectYourOldBed.

2. Mattress Collected by the Local Council

Depending on your location in the UK, mattress collection can be a free service. This is typically down to the fact that some people fly-tip or throw their mattresses on public roads, and instead of the council coming to collect them there after a report – they can just come to collect it. Sometimes, you may need to pay a fee, but for the vast majority of the UK, you can collect it with a general booking. You can always check by reviewing your local council website for “large waste items”; if you search “mattress collection local”, you should have a top answer.

3. Take the Mattress to a local Recycling Centre

Similarly to the above, the vast majority of the recycling centres around the UK would be happy to take your mattress for free so long as you can get it there. These items may have a designated spot or be recycled under the ‘large general items’ container. So long as you’re not recycling these often and for commercial gain – you should be good to go without any questions. A mattress can be taken in most cars, vans, and trucks; you may need to fight with the mattress to get it to fit!

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4. Give it Away

Another standard mattress-disposal option is to give it away. If your mattress is clean and in somewhat reusable condition, then there is no harm in giving it to your friends, family, or just like our next option – to a charity. Granted, if your mattress is soiled or otherwise unusable, then giving it away to someone might not be the kindest thing to do.

5. Donate it to a Charity

Many charities love to take old and unused furniture, including mattresses. Charities, including the Salvation Army, can accept old mattresses as donations to help keep other people who don’t have these items. Although your mattress may be sold for money to be used in different ways, you will still support amazing charities nationwide.

Remember, you likely won’t be able to recycle a soiled or damaged mattress. Still, if you want to donate it to charity, there is no harm in trying to clean the mattress first and giving it the best chance of being re-used by someone in need or sold on to create funds to be spent on the vulnerable.

6. Dispose of your Mattress in a Skip

If your mattress is genuinely damaged, soiled, or otherwise beyond repair or cleaning, then your only option might be to dispose of your mattress. If you can’t take your mattress to a local recycling centre or have it collected, you may have to dispose of it in a skip. You can rent skips, ask a neighbour if you can use their skip or even speak to a skip company regarding a speedy pickup/collection, as they may offer a discounted rate.

7. Sell it On

Mattresses are expensive, no matter the type you get, and, in some cases, people can’t afford the price of brand-new mattresses. Suppose your mattress is in its usual condition, and you don’t mind keeping it around for a bit. Selling it on sites like eBay or Gumtree can be an easy way to get money for a brand-new mattress or other bedroom accessories.

Why might you want to dispose of a Mattress?

There are many reasons you may want to get rid of your mattress, and in most cases, it’s either because you’re moving out, are upgrading (or downgrading), or because your mattress is damaged or soiled. This is down to you and your scenario, but mattresses can and have been recycled and disposed of.

Can you donate or recycle a Mattress?

As we discussed earlier – mattresses can be donated or recycled in many ways, and you could use them for yourself. The only thing you should look out for before recycling or donating your mattress is to ensure it can be used, re-used, or sold. It would be best if you looked out for the following:

  • Nasty Stains (that can’t be removed)
  • Tears or Rips in the Outer Material
  • Severe Sagging or Broken Springs
  • Foul Odors (that can’t be removed)
  • Pest Infestation (bed bugs)

Any of these may prevent you from recycling and donating it to charity.

What to avoid when disposing of your mattress

When disposing of your mattress, there are several aspects you should avoid. These include:

  • Setting Fire to your mattress (can cause legal and Environmental damages).
  • Fly-tipping (causes legal issues and environmental damage).
  • Paying excessive fees for it to be taken away (over £60)
  • Removing parts or dissecting your mattress without proper PPE (Protection Equipment).

Overall, disposing of a mattress can be challenging, but we hope this guide has helped you dispose of your mattress quickly and safely. Never fly-tip set Fire or use chemicals to dispose of your mattress, as these can lead to legal and environmental issues.

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