How does a Mattress Free Trial Work?

How does a Mattress Free Trial Work?
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Published Charlie K ⋅ Review Editor
October 23, 2022

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4.8/5 - (17 votes)

Buying a mattress can be quite an investment for many people, and buying an expensive mattress and not liking it can be stressful. Thankfully, many innovative companies know these worries for buyers and now offer a free trial to ensure you understand what you’re buying. In today’s article, we’ll look at how mattress-free trials work and how you can find the best ones.

What is a Mattress Free Trial?

A mattress-free trial is a short period that allows you to test and trial a mattress from a company. This is essentially a free period where you can use the mattress as if it were your own to decide if this mattress is perfect for you. A company may offer 60-nights, 100-nights, or even 12 months to test your mattress. Do note, however, that some mattress manufacturers use terms like “Mattress Trial”, “Sleep Trial”, or “At-Home Trial” – but are all essentially the same where you can test your mattress for a set period.

How Does a Mattress Free Trial Work?

Depending on the company you use to have a free trial with, they will often outset some essential conditions and aspects of your trial. This often includes:

  • Trial Length
  • A rough ‘Break-In’ Period (the time it takes to break the mattress in and get used to it).
  • Return Process (and mattress conditions before it can be returned).
  • Return Fees

Trial length – Firstly, trial length outlines how long you can use the mattress. This will be anywhere from 30 days to 365 days, depending on the manufacturer or any offers that are currently ongoing. These are often outlined before you even put your details in, as they are crucial to your trial.

Break-in Period – The break-in period isn’t offered by all suppliers but is by most. This break-in period is a short amount of time you must sleep on the mattress before you can request to return it. All mattresses may be firmer than expected initially, but once broken in (typically 15-30 days), you will have a true feeling for the mattress.

Returns – The return process and fees are only required if you need to return the mattress or don’t like it after your trial. Typically, you must contact the mattress provider and begin the return process. They may ask you a few questions about your trial and may need to arrange pickup/collection of your mattress. In some rare cases, they may ask if you can donate the mattress – however, most are being re-used to create new mattresses.

Fees – Return fees only apply if you have to return the mattress and are unhappy. This isn’t always required, but some brands will apply a fee for the trial and charge you shipping costs – most reputable and well-known companies will cover this for you; after all – it is a free trial.

What do I get with a Mattress Free Trial?

Your free trial will often be your mattress. Some companies like Simba offer other products within the trial, such as maintenance and care, but these ensure that you’re looking after the mattress to maximize your trial. You will get your mattress, some guides and instructions and maybe some quick references to websites or videos to help you maximize your free trial.

How can Mattress Companies allow a Free Trial?

Mattress companies have always prioritized putting you as the customer at the forefront of their business. After all, it is you who keep them running. This free trial does compromise their bottom line, as some people will return their mattresses, which can’t be re-sold or re-used for other trials (for health and safety reasons). But – with them offering a trial, they know that you will love your mattress more often than not.

Knowing that most customers will be happy with their trial, they delay the payment of a mattress without worrying about you not liking it and, again, putting you first as the customer is their priority.

What are the best Free-Trial Mattresses?

More than ever, more mattress companies are using free trials to gain new customers and sell more mattresses, as testing them is the only way to know if you love them. Some companies like the ones below are great for these trials. We have a separate article reviewing some of the best free trial mattresses here.

Emma Original Mattress double
Photo: Emma
  • Inofia Sleep Free Trial Mattress – Inofia Sleep is a master at mattresses, but they also offer a free trial! Not only is their mattress one of the best on the market, but you can try it for 100 days before deciding. If you were to try the Inofia mattress, you’d love every moment.
Inofia Sleep 4FT6 Double Mattress
Photo: Inofia
  • Simba Premium Foam Mattress (Amazon UK) – Simba is another significant new player in the mattress industry. Simba has been offering their free trial from the very start. Simba uses the best foams and zoned areas for utmost comfort.
Simba Premium Seven-Zoned Foam Mattress
Photo: Simba

What if I don’t like my Mattress after the Trial?

Depending on your mattress provider – this will be perfectly fine. All you’ll need to do is speak to your provider, and they will help you return the mattress. We hope this is stress-free and won’t cost you a penny – but all the details should be outlined in your initial agreement when trialling the mattress.

Mattress companies are great for customer service, and by offering you as the buyer a free trial – you can rest assured (literally) that you’re spending your money on the perfect mattress for you. Whilst some mattress providers will need some help returning the mattress, spending the best part of 3-months sleeping on a brand-new mattress with no strings attached is the best way to know if you love it.

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