What does a Mattress in a Box mean?

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Published Charlie K ⋅ Review Editor
October 22, 2022

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4.6/5 - (19 votes)

We all crave convenience, and having a convenient way to receive a mattress has been long overdue. A mattress in a box is the latest and most outstanding innovation in the shipping industry, which allows for delivery, return, and storage of mattresses that would often be too big or bulky to ship quickly. In today’s article, we’ll look at what a mattress in a box is and why you should consider it.

What is a Mattress in a Box

When shopping, if you’ve encountered a mattress in a box – you may wonder what this is. As the name suggests, a mattress in a box is just like the regular mattress you would buy, but it’s stored and shipped in a box. Typically, manufacturers will use some bag to compress the mattress and roll it up to be shipped in a conveniently sized box.

Do note that most of the companies that provide mattresses in a box ensure that the quality and condition of the mattress are not affected when shipping like this – so some mattresses may not be available to be shipped in a mattress box if the condition could be jeopardized.

Are Mattresses in a Box Good

Yes! Mattresses in a box are often of superior quality, not just because they come in a branded box but because the technology and care used when packaging the mattress have been taken to ensure you are not left with a sub-par mattress.

Just like any mattress, most mattresses in a box are excellent. They provide a comfortable and long-lasting sleep and can be in many formats, such as hybrid, spring, memory foam, or even silicon mattresses, rolled up and left for 24 hours before having a fluffy and new mattress.

The mattress-in-a-box trend has only come around recently. Still, increasingly innovators in the mattress industry are creating these products for convenience and to provide more affordable shipping costs. Not only this, but these innovators like Simba or Nectar are spending a LOT of money on ensuring the best quality of sleep and all the luxurious features for you – without passing on the cost to ensure an affordable but lush night’s sleep.

Which mattress in a Box is the best

Many new and existing brands take the mattress-in-a-box approach when shipping and storing mattresses. We have an entire page dedicated to the reviews of some of the best mattresses in a box, but here are just some brand names that we think you should check out.

  • Sweetnight Mattress in a Box – Sweetnight is one of the biggest and most established mattress brands around, and their mattress in a box is a hybrid model with gel, memory foam and springs to provide a great night’s sleep.
Sweetnight Double Mattress 4FT6 Gel Memory Foam Sprung Mattress
Photo: Sweetnight
  • Inofia Hybrid Mattress Rolled (into a box!) – Inofia is another mattress brand that’s been around for a while. After investing in comfortable yet affordable technologies for sleep – the Inofia hybrid mattress made from their Airyum memory foam offers a perfect night’s sleep. Plus – it comes in a box!
Inofia Double Mattress,Memory Foam and Spring Mattress 25cm,
Photo: Inofia
  • Vesgantti Sprung Mattress in a Box – Vesgantti is new to using boxes for their mattresses, but their sprung mattress provides a great night’s sleep. It has individually wrapped springs and breathable materials. Not to mention that it’s made from hypoallergenic fillings!
hand touching vesgantti top
Photo: Vesgantti
  • Molblly Memory Foam Mattress in a Box – Simple, in a box, and with 10 years’ worth of warranty – the Molblly memory foam mattress uses a super soft hypoallergenic cover and both soft & breathable support throughout; this memory foam mattress is not one to pass up if you’re looking for an affordable, comfortable, and box-shipped mattress!
Molblly Double Mattress, Memory Foam
Photo: Molblly
  • Kescas Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress – One of the few mattresses in a box made with orthopaedics in mind is the Kescas memory foam hybrid mattress. This dual-layered soft fabric, combined with the orthopaedic design, may be heavy, but it is one of the most supportive mattresses we’ve tried.
Kescas Full Mattress 8 inch Memory Foam
Photo: Kescas

How Long Can You Leave a Mattress in a Box?

When you purchase a mattress in a box, you may have a stamp on the outside with the packing date. In most cases, you can leave your mattress in a box for several weeks, if not months, before it takes a more formed shape. The chances are that if your mattress has been sent to you – it will have been in the box for a few weeks, if not longer.

This is all down to the quality of the mattress, and although you may be able to speak to your mattress provider for a more accurate number – we’re pretty confident that you could leave it there for a few weeks and notice no difference. It’s always best to get your mattress out as soon as you get it – just in the rare case that it has been tucked up for a long time.

How can you get a Mattress back in the box?

Just like most products, putting a product back in the box it came in is pretty impossible – but with mattresses, you could have a chance at putting it back in the box. In short, the mattresses in a box are mechanically compressed and reduced in size to ensure they fit without causing long-lasting damage to the mattress.

To do this, you will likely need a few friends or family to help roll the mattress whilst compressing it within a vacuum bag (as they are vacuum sealed on delivery). If you have a vacuum bag big enough for your mattress, or even the original bag that the mattress came in, using a vacuum and a slow method of sucking the air out whilst rolling the mattress will be your best bet.

Some mattresses may come with instructions on how to do this, but in most cases, this is impossible. It’s also not recommended, as if done incorrectly, it may permanently damage your mattress, which could lead to a void warranty or loss of product, both of which are not helpful.

Final Thoughts

The innovation of mattresses and how they’re shipped to our doors is becoming increasingly modern. Whilst mattresses in a box are sometimes inconvenient (should you need to get the mattress back in the box), the convenience they offer elsewhere, such as cheaper shipping costs, better storage and more straightforward returns, are all worth the investment. Check out our list of best mattresses in a box, and see if one takes your fancy!

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