What Type of Mattresses Do Hotels Use?

what type of mattresses do uk hotels use
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Published Kassy Walton ⋅ Review Editor
January 30, 2022

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4.6/5 - (8 votes)

Ever crashed at a 5-star hotel and thought, “Wow, I need this bed in my life?” You’re not alone—those mattresses are like sleeping on a cloud. So, how do you bring that 5-star snooze into your bedroom? Let’s break it down.

What Makes Hotel Mattresses So Great?

Hotels are super picky regarding mattresses—and for a good reason. They want you to have the best sleep of your life so you’ll come back (or at least raid the mini-bar). Here’s the low-down on what they look for:

  • Flip-Friendly: Unlike the one-sided mattresses at most stores, many hotels go for double-sided ones. Why? Flipping and rotating the mattress keeps it feeling fresh longer.
  • Not Too Soft, Not Too Hard: Most hotels opt for medium-firm mattresses. They’re the Goldilocks of mattresses—not too soft or hard, just right for most people.
  • Strong Edges: Ever sit on the edge of a bed and nearly tumble off? Hotels hate that. They usually pick mattresses with reinforced edges for durability and edge-to-edge comfort.
  • Tough Coils: These mattresses are made to last, often featuring heat-tempered steel coils. They can withstand endless nights of jumping…or sleeping.

Brands Hotels Swear By

There are a handful of big names that keep popping up in 5-star hotels:

  1. SilentNight Mattresses
  2. Sealy
  3. Vegantti Mattress
  4. Sleepeezee
  5. Casper
  6. Simba ( Amazon link)
  7. Tempur

What’s Inside Matters

So, what kind of mattress should you go for? It boils down to your sleep vibes:

  • Hybrid Mattresses: These babies combine materials like foam and pocket coils. They’re versatile, breathable, and have killer edge support. Plus, they’re great for minimizing that annoying partner-motion thing.
  • Memory Foam: Imagine sinking slowly into a bed-shaped cloud—that’s memory foam. It’s ideal if you need pressure relief, but beware, these can get warm.
  • Latex Foam: If you love the bounce and want to stay cool, latex is your friend. It’s airy and doesn’t make you feel stuck in quicksand.
  • Polyurethane Foam: Sitting between latex and memory foam, this option offers a bit of both worlds. It’s got some contour but also some resilience.

Size Matters

Finally, let’s talk size. What works for a hotel room might not fit your studio apartment. Usually, hotels offer Full, Queen, or King sizes:

  • Full: 54″ (W) x 75″ (L)
  • Queen: 60” (W) x 80” (L)
  • King: 76″ (W) x 80″ (L)

Your Perfect Match

The best mattress for you is, well, up to you. If you’re unsure, maybe next time you’re at a hotel you love, ring up the front desk and ask what mattress they use. But remember, you might need to test a few out to find ‘the one,’ so don’t rush it!

I hope this gives you all the info you need to take your sleep game to a 5-star level!

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