Do Pocket Sprung Mattresses Sag?

Do Pocket Sprung Mattresses Sag?
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Published Michael Goodwin ⋅ Review Editor
May 9, 2021

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4.6/5 - (34 votes)

Investing in a great quality mattress is the best way to get a good night’s sleep. But what if you want a mattress that doesn’t sag? Then a pocket spring mattress may be a good choice. Pocket sprung mattresses are made using springs of steel that form pockets, giving your body excellent support and relief from pressure points for a long time.

What is a Pocket Spring Mattress?

Pocket spring mattresses are popular because they offer adequate support whilst being very comfortable. A pocket-sprung mattress has individual springs inside pockets sewn into the cover material. Each spring is wrapped in fabric and constructed with layers and layers of these tiny coils to support your body while you sleep. Each pocket sprung moves independently from the spring next to it, ensuring less motion transfer. If your partner moves around at night (toss and turn), you will not feel the movements or hear the springs.

What is a Pocket Spring Mattress?
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How Do Pocket Spring Mattresses Work?

A pocket spring is a type of mattress with springs sewn into the fabric. The best quality pockets will be wrapped in calico cloth with wire encased in vanadium metal plates, preventing rusting. They are specially designed and typically include 1,000-2,000 or 3,000 individually wrapped springs. Pockets can be on two sides or just one side of the bed. More pocket springs may not always mean it is more comfortable or firmer to sleep on. Instead, a higher density of springs means more even weight distribution and responsiveness to individual movements as they sleep.

Do Pocket Spring Mattresses Sag?

Pocket springs mattresses comprise coils that can respond better when pressure is applied, but because these springs can get depressed over time, they may start sagging if the bed becomes overly used.

Therefore, these springs can sag over time because they’re less flexible than other materials, such as latex or memory foam. The main problem with sagging pocket-sprung mattresses is that you’ll feel sinking in.

While pocketed coil mattresses can adapt quickly to weight, it makes them responsive enough to mimic what you’d find with traditional mattresses made up purely out of foam; they also run the risk of wearing those coils out faster due to being compressed by your body weight. Wear and tear can also happen if children jump on the bed often.

Why Does Sagging Happen?

The two most common reasons for a mattress to sag are usage and weight.

As people sleep on the mattress, it compresses = and pushes onto the springs. Over time, this compression causes permanent indentations in the material’s surface that can’t be undone. For example, a heavier person will apply more pressure on the bed than a lighter person, causing it to sag quickly. For heavier people, we recommend these 5 mattresses

How Can You Prevent Sagging In Your Mattress?

Below are some ways you can prolong the likelihood of premature sagging of your mattress:

  1. Turning your mattress over every six months can help reduce sagging. However, it would be best to flip the mattress to wear even on both sides. Also, avoid jumping on the bed, as it could cause more harm than good in the wear-and-tear for the spring system.
  2. Below the bed, a beam runs from one side to another. It helps support your mattress and keeps it in place. You might have some foundation issues to fix if you notice any sagging or dipping in the middle.
  3. Another way to extend the life of your mattress and, more importantly, sleep better is to place a memory foam topper on it. This will help you get more support from your existing bed. You will feel the difference straight away.
  4. A box spring is a bed frame component that provides long-term support to your mattress by absorbing pressure and distributing weight.
  5. While using a pillow to fill the sagging areas is a great temporary fix, it does not solve the underlying problem. In addition, a sagging mattress can cause aches and back pains for many people, so you should consider buying a new one immediately.

What are the benefits of Pocket Spring Mattresses?

  1. They Provide Adequate Support – Pocket spring mattresses are popular for orthopaedic patients with hip and shoulder problems. Orthopedists recommend this type of mattress because they want their patients to be as comfortable as possible while recuperating from surgery or injury; sleeping well can help speed up healing times!
  2. They May Relief from Back Pain – Pocket Spring mattresses with quality coils often provide the best combination of stiffness, springiness, and conformity. This is ideal for people who need extra relief from back pain because it supports their bodies.
  3. They Support All Body Shapes – Pocket spring mattresses are designed to accommodate various body types. They can support you while providing the perfect comfort for your significant other, even if they have different weights and sleep in different styles -on their side or back.
  4. They are Durable – A pocket-sprung mattress lasts up to 15 years. With proper maintenance and care, fewer than 10% will sag or spring break within these first few years.
  5. Great Sleep Experience – Pocket-sprung mattresses have a higher spring count than a traditional coil mattress, which means more support and a better sleep experience. Additionally, with a luxurious upper layer of foam that makes your bed soft to the touch and even more comfortable to sleep on at night, pocket spring mattresses have all you need for a fantastic night’s rest.
  6. They are Firm and Airy – These types of mattresses are renowned for how they help prevent movement and heat build-up between sleepers. They are also breathable and do not trap any body heat or moisture underneath them.

What are the Disadvantages Of Pocket Spring Mattresses?

  1. Pocket-sprung mattresses tend to be heavy.
  2. It needs to be rotated periodically to avoid sagging. Though sagging is not typical in the early years of ownership, follow the maintenance care routine needed to extend the life of your mattress.
  3. They can be expensive to buy as they are luxurious beds with a high-end price range.

What Types of Pocket Spring Mattresses Are There?

Pocket springs come in different mainspring tensions:

  • Soft, medium
  • Medium-firm
  • Firm
  • Extra firm

The ideal mattress for you will be dependent on your body weight. In addition to providing excellent support all around your body, there are many other benefits to owning a pocket-sprung mattress.

Which Pocket Spring Mattress Brands Offer The Best Quality?

  1. The DreamCloud Hybrid Pocket Spring Mattress is a perfect mattress for relieving back pain and is suitable for back and side sleepers. This mattress comes with a 365-night trial and a lifetime warranty. It also comes with free delivery and returns and is excellent for couples.
  2. Simba Sleep Memory Foam and Pocket Spring Mattress (Amazon Link) – This mattress has a spring count of 2500, has a 100-night sleep trial period, and is guaranteed for ten years. It also ships free, so you don’t have to pay anything extra! The back pain relief feels excellent when you sleep on it, and it fits well in any bed frame.
  3. Happy Beds Ambassador 3000 pocket sprung orthopaedic natural fillings mattressIt also provides excellent orthopaedic support for those who suffer from back pain. Its 25 cm depth is high enough to keep you well off your frame and provide support while making for a supremely comfortable sleeping surface! The specially chosen natural fillings are cool when touched, so they won’t cause sweating during sleep, as some synthetics do. There’s even free delivery in all UK zones, including Northern Ireland.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, pocket-sprung mattresses are better for back sleepers, people who suffer from sciatica, and those with joint pain. They give the user great comfort and support while being more durable than other mattresses. However, there are a few disadvantages to this type of mattress, such as sagging over time. If you’re looking for an investment-quality bed that will last years longer than cheaper models but doesn’t need replacing every few months, then investing in a pocket-sprung mattress could be just what you’ve been searching for!

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